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What Do Board Game Publishers Do?

Three years ago, I was preparing for my first Kickstarter campaign. I have learned so much about making games (and myself) since then!

Before that first campaign (Relic Expedition) launched, I had done a lot of research on designing games and running Kickstarter campaigns. As I look back now, though, I realize I didn’t have a very good understanding of the whole process. How exactly does an initial game idea turn into a sale in a game store? What all happens along the way, and who does each part? What does a board game publisher do exactly?

Relic Expedition

Back then, I thought I wanted to be a creative genius game designer with my name on the front of a game box. (It does still sound kind of glamorous.) But I have since discovered the role of game developer and game producer, and I have realized that this is the kind of work I want to be doing right now. Working with game designers to develop and produce their games Lanterns: The Harvest Festival(Chris on Lanterns and Alex on World’s Fair) has been so much more rewarding than I could have imagined!

I’m starting a series of blog posts that look at what board game publishers do, sharing more from my experiences with Relic Expedition, Lanterns: The Harvest Festival, and World’s Fair 1893. I have a list of topics I plan to cover, starting with …

  1. World's Fair 1893What do I look for in a submission from a game designer?

But I’d love to hear from you: What questions do you have about board game publishers? about the process of making games? about Foxtrot Games as a whole? about specific decisions or steps in the process for one of our games? Let me know if the comments below!

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