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Script for Introductory Video

Countdown: 85 days. Here’s the first draft of the script for our introductory video.

In 1893, millions came to Chicago to see the world’s greatest achievements in technology, culture, and entertainment.

From the beautiful white city buildings with their miles of exhibits, to the fun attractions of the Midway, this grand exposition was a wonder to behold!

I’m Randy Hoyt with Foxtrot Games, and I’m excited to introduce you to World’s Fair 1893, a new board game for 2-4 players that plays in about 40 minutes.

Acting as organizers of the fair, players work to gain influence and obtain the grand exhibits that will be put on display.

On your turn, influence an area and collect the cards next to it.

Choose carefully to get the cards you need and also beat out your opponents for control over certain areas when it’s time for exhibits to be approved.

The prestigious main exhibits earn you reputation points, but only if you have the most influence in the matching area. To get the best reputation, you’ll need to score exhibits from as many categories as you can.

The influential figures let you modify influence in the areas. They don’t score you reputation points directly, but you’ll have a hard time getting your main exhibits accepted without their help.

Finally, the popular — and profitable — Midway attractions aren’t as prestigious as the main exhibits, but a fair that loses money would be a disgrace! They’ll earn you a small number of points, and they move the game forward: the three scoring rounds occur dynamically when players together collect enough Midway attractions.

World’s Fair 1893 will be the third game from Foxtrot Games, but this grand exposition won’t begin without your help. Check out the campaign page, back to get the game at a great value, and help us make World’s Fair 1893 a reality.

I’ve had the chance to preview a number of Kickstarter campaigns before they go live, and it seems the video is always the last thing done — and it’s often too late for me to give any feedback or for the creators to make any changes. I’m sharing this script early (about three months before we plan to launch) so that we can avoid any last-minute issues.

The current plan is to have this 2-minute introductory video for the top of the page and then a 5-10 minute game play video displayed in the main content area. (This general approached worked well for Lanterns, though the introductory video was a bit shorter.) We’d love to hear any feedback. Does this get you excited about the game? Make you want to learn more? Confuse you? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. First of all the artwork made me interested enough to read on and explore further. Great choice in artist for the theme. 

    I think your explanation was fine but maybe give a touch more information about what these cards are that you’re trying to collect. 

    I’m very interested in this project and will be keeping an eye out for it, in three months ;). Good job focusing so much effort and foresight to producing a great video. It’s a KS must these days. 

    If you’re looking for playtesters or another set of eyes to look over rules I would be interested in helping out. Cheers and good luck!

    1. @Armando, Thanks for taking a look and giving your feedback! You suggest adding a touch *more* information. What would you think about it saying even less in this main video (to get it to down to 1:30) and then providing the additional detail in a game play video? I assume you are a regular backer of Kickstarter projects: what would you prefer or expect?

      (You can sign up for our monthly newsletter to follow our progress: []. :-)

  2. Fantastic information. Excellent script, well written and edited but . . .

    scratch all that, LOL, I wrote a dissertation but after watching Lanterns’ video, I think your formula will work great.

    I originally wrote about doing it shorter and just sharing your passion for getting this out to backers. Then all of the game play detail in a second video sharing your insight.

    But if this script reads in a minute like Lanterns, you will do great!

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