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Why Backer Count Is More Important Than Total Pledges

As a Kickstarter creator, one thing you cannot plan for perfectly in advance is where your future backers live. But if you are shipping a physical product, the amount of money you need to raise (your actual funding goal!) depends on it. The total pledges on a Kickstarter campaign can be very misleading, and I pay much more attention to the total backer count on my projects than on the total pledges on my projects. Let me explain why. 

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Why Do Kickstarter Projects Spike At The End?

An interesting dynamic of many Kickstarter campaigns is that they have a huge influx of backers at the end. (We did for Relic Expedition.) Plenty of projects struggle through a long slow campaign, unsure if they will reach their goal, and then the final days can lift the project to exceed its goal by another 50%. (The recent successful funding of the Grow Kickstarter campaign is a perfect example.) Why does this happen? Can it be avoided?

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