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Script for Introductory Video: Draft #2

Countdown: 56 days. After getting some great feedback, here’s the second draft of the script for our introductory video.

I got some really great feedback on the script of the introductory video, and I’ve been revising it over the past few weeks. This second draft of the video tightens a few things up, focusing a little bit more on the thematic experience and a little less on the details of the game mechanics. (We’ll include a detailed game play video on the campaign page, and many people recommended moving a few of those details from this introductory video over to the game play video.) This new script is at 242 words, down from 298.

I’ve also been working on a storyboard and reference video based on this script. Hopefully that will be finished this week.

In 1893, millions came to Chicago to see the world’s greatest achievements in technology, culture, and entertainment.

From the exhibits in the beautiful white city buildings, to the fun attractions on the Midway, this grand exposition was a wonder to behold!

I’m Randy Hoyt with Foxtrot Games, and I’m excited to introduce you to our new board game project, World’s Fair 1893.

Acting as organizers of the fair, players work to gain influence and obtain the grand exhibits that will be put on display.

On your turn, influence an area and collect the cards associated with it.

Choose carefully to collect the cards you need and also beat out your opponents for influence in the right areas.

The prestigious main exhibits score the most reputation points, but only if you have the most influence in the matching area.

The influential figures let you modify influence in the areas. You’ll have a hard time scoring your main exhibits without their help.

The popular — and profitable! — Midway attractions aren’t as prestigious as the main exhibits, but they score some reputation points and move the game forward: the three scoring rounds occur dynamically when players together collect enough of these.

World’s Fair 1893 will be the third game from Foxtrot Games, but this grand exposition won’t begin without your help. Check out the campaign page, back to get the game at a great value, and help us make World’s Fair 1893 a reality.

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