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Preview Copies in the Mail

I mailed off a dozen preview copies right around Labor Day weekend.

Countdown: 28 days. I wrote a post a week or two ago about the importance of third-party reviews. I had ordered a number of review copies, which arrived last week. It was quite an effort boxing them up in USPS Priority Flat Rate Small boxes, printing labels, and getting them out the door. I mailed some last Friday and some today. I wanted to give reviewers a month to look at the game, and we got pretty close. I’m still hopeful we’ll get a few of them in before the campaign launches. I will delay the launch if I don’t have any yet; as I mentioned before, I think having a few good quotes with links to full previews when we launch is important.

I recently moved into my house, and I was curious to see if I could fit a USPS Priority Flat Rate Small box in the mailbox; I thought for sure I could hold one. It turns out it could hold ten!!!


I wish the final copy of Lanterns would fit in a box, but (alas) it will not. (I think we’ve decided on 9″ x 7″ for the box size — I’ll post about that soon — which is an inch or two too big in length and in width.)

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