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First BGG Review (PnP)

The first review of Lanterns appeared on BoardGameGeek yesterday, based on the print-and-play. “Lanterns really hit a sweet spot for us.”

Countdown: 30 days. The first review of Lanterns: The Harvest Festival appeared on BoardGameGeek (BGG) yesterday:

As Brian mentioned in the review, he saw our “very beautiful and colorful banner” at Gen Con and came by to see the game. I sent him a copy of the print-and-play (PnP) after the convention, and he wrote up a nice review of the game. Here’s what he had to say:

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival really hit a sweet spot for us. The rules are simple to teach, there is a decent amount of decision to make, and a nice pace of play. […] Lanterns was a hit with my family.

As a publisher and game developer, you of course love to hear someone say this. But it also confirms for me that creating the print-and-play was a good idea. From the moment I started working on Lanterns, I wanted to make it as easy and as affordable as possible to get people playing a review copy. (I mentioned in the last post that we didn’t have many review copies of Relic Expedition because they were expensive and time-consuming to produce.) We’ll be releasing the PnP to our newsletter subscribers shortly and to BGG after that. I’ll talk more about it in a future post when I release it, but I’m quite proud of the fact that the Lanterns PnP is just five sheets of card-stock for people who have Ticket To Ride.

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