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PnP for Newsletter Subscribers

I sent out a newsletter to our email subscribers with a sample of the artwork, an update about Gen Con, and a link to download a print-and-play prototype.

Countdown: 25 days. We have a small email list (about 140 subscribers). Almost all of them were Relic Expedition backers; we encouraged people to sign up for the newsletter in our last Kickstarter project update (Update #25). I had intended to ask backers in the survey if we could add them to the email list, but I forgot to do that when the time came; I suspect our list would be bigger if I had done that.

We emailed the list back in mid-June to let them know about Lanterns: view email. (In addition to letting people know about the game, our main goal with announcement was to get blind play-testers. We got some really good feedback and made some small changes that had a great impact on the game play.)

I’ve blogged about our progress over the summer, getting ready for and demoing at Gen Con and then getting review copies in the mail to reviewers. It was time to tell our newsletter subscribers about that progress, get them excited about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign, and share with them the prototype print-and-play. This week, I spent time getting that print-and-play ready to release. I shared a link on Reddit to it and got some good feedback: I added better guide lines for cutting, added one thing to the PnP instructions, and made some small changes to the rulebook. Then this afternoon I was able to send out the email newsletter, which you can read here: view email. (I’d love to have some of our subscribers print-and-play it and review it for BGG before the campaign launches; we’ll see!)

I also updated the campaign to include links to the rulebook and to the print-and-play files. I decided to use icons for the files types to help them stand out for people scrolling down the page.

Campaign Page: How To Play  data-recalc-dims= Download" width="584" height="190">

Campaign Page: How To Play > Download



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