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To Gen Con!

I’ve been hard at work getting ready to promote Lanterns at Gen Con, and I have also spent some time adding some content to the campaign page.

Lanterns BannerCountdown: 46 days. It’s been a lot of work getting ready for Gen Con. I will be running lots of demos and playtests of Lanterns and Relic Expedition (you can see a list of public times at the end of this post), and it’s taken quite a bit of time and effort to schedule demo space and meetings with reviewers and what-not. The banner arrived and looks amazing: “insanely gorgeous,” one person said on Twitter (link).

(Besides Lanterns, I will be meeting with a number of other game designers. We are looking for another game to add to our lineup next year: I have some promising meetings scheduled and will be participating in a designer/publisher speed pitch event. We have signed one other game that I am developing, and I’m meeting with that designer to play it in its current state.)

I have been thinking a lot about the Kickstarter campaign page (which you can preview at for a long time, but I’ll be working on that more diligently after Gen Con. I started filling out some of the content, including this “What’s In The Box Graphic” (with some placeholder imagery):

Lanterns: What's In The Box

Lanterns: What’s In The Box

You may notice in that image above a simple sketch of a lantern card:

Lantern Card Sketch

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking through the creative direction for those. We want them to feel like the box cover: beautiful, calm, engaging, and organic. But they also have to be functional: players need to know easily what cards in the supply match the cards in their inventory and the tiles in their hands. Beth is building on this initial sketch, and once we have some cards fully designed we’ll start testing them.


11a-1p: Hall E
3p-5p (Lanterns): First Exposure Playtest Hall
5p-7p (Lanterns): First Exposure Playtest Hall

10a-12p: Hall E
5p-7p (Lanterns): First Exposure Playtest Hall

12p-3p – Game Library Hall D, Yellow Tables 40-42
6p-8p (Relic Expedition): Grand Gaming Academy
Winner receives a free copy of the four Relic Expedition expansions.

10a-12p (Lanterns): First Exposure Playtest Hall

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