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Gen Con Recap

I had such a good time demoing Lanterns at Gen Con. Here are some of the photos and comments that people have posted online so far.

Countdown: 40 days. I had such a good time at Gen Con. It was a very much a work Gen Con for me: demoing Lanterns and Relic Expedition, looking at pitches from designers for new games to publish, networking, and making some progress in person on two other games I’m officially working on. I met Chris (the designer of Lanterns) in person (finally!) and played Lanterns a couple of times with him. (I realized afterwards that I didn’t get a picture with him; we should had one taken to include in the Kickstarter campaign page.) Beyond “working” (which is still fun because it involves “playing games”), I also had a good time playing games and catching up with friends I’ve made over the last year online and at various conventions.

Lanterns was very well received. I suspected our banner with Beth’s beautiful box art would attract a lot of people, which it did. But I was also happy to hear that the title and the description alone attracted quite a few people in the First Exposure Playtest Hall. Here are some of the photos and comments that people have posted online so far:

“I was blown away. [Lanterns] is a very pretty game, simple rules, elegant game play, and I can’t wait to play it more.” —Ken Grazier, Geek-Craft (link)

“One my favorites [at Gen Con] was Lanterns. … Elegant and accessible but with great choices. ” —J. Alex Kevern, game designer (link)

Lanterns is an elegant set collection tile laying game which is themed well and was thoroughly enjoyed by our entire family.” —Gary Boyd, discerning gamer (link)

Lanterns was very cool – one of the biggest happy surprises I discovered [at Gen Con]!” —Luke Laurie, game designer (link)

Lanterns is … a quicker, double-edged tile-placement game. There are plenty of decisions and strategies to weigh as you go. ” —Jeremiah Isley, Theology of Games (link)

I have added these comments to the campaign page. The goal is to have more full reviews before we launch, so I expect that many of these will be updated …  but this is a great start.

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