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Box Cover Illustration

Beth Sobel sent us the box cover illustration. We uploaded it to Board Game Geek and ordered some marketing pieces for upcoming conventions.

Countdown: 56 days. We are working with artist Beth Sobel for Lanterns. She was recommended to us by Michael Iachini, a good friend and fellow game designer. We loved her work on the board and box cover for Viticulture, as well as a couple of pieces from her portfolio, and we thought she’d do a great job with our theme:

As I mentioned before, we created a Pinterest board to show her the style, mood, and context for the artwork, along with examples of artwork from other games we could reference: View Pinterest Board. She worked for about five weeks on the tile artwork (see earlier update), and she worked for about three weeks on the box cover illustration. She sent us the first version of that illustration late last week:

Box cover illustration

Box cover illustration

Since we haven’t decided on the box size, you might be wondering how we knew what size to make the box cover illustration. We asked her to create the illustration such that we could use it on a square box or on a rectangular box, and she sent us this initial sketch:

Box Cover Sketches, two aspect ratios

Box Cover Sketches, two aspect ratios

Our initial thought for box size (10.75″ x 7.5″) had a width about 70% of the height, an aspect ratio of 7:10. The new sizes we are considering (8-9″ x 6.25-7″) all have aspect ratios in between 7:10 and 1:1 (a square), so we’ll finalize the crop after we finalize the box size.

I uploaded a square version of the illustration to the Board Game Geek page yesterday. It was approved today, and then I immediately proposed that it be the representative image; I’m still waiting on that.

We used this box cover illustration to order some marketing pieces for Gen Con and XOXO Fest: a 7-foot banner and some small post cards. We had just enough time to order them from to arrive before I leave for Gen Con.

Next, Beth is working on some artwork for the lantern cards.

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