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Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower podcast
“World’s Fair 1893 … I was very impressed with this one. It’s a nice, gateway-style game … but there was some good depth to it, too.”

Rob Cramer, Giant from the North
“The first Ferris Wheel [was] one of the biggest attractions of this World’s Fair, so of course it’s the centerpiece of this game. The scoring timer as a car revolving around the wheel throughout the rounds [is] a neat touch in a game full of neat touches.” (link)

James Edgcomb, BoardGameGeek reviewer
“I really enjoyed this game. It plays fast, it’s fun, and it’s easy to pick up. … Your choices are not easy, and there is more strategy than I would expect from this style of game.” (link)

Erik Dewey, Indie Cardboard
“There is interconnectedness to everything in World’s Fair 1893 which keeps the gameplay strategic [and] increases its weight beyond what you might expect.” (link)

Scot Eaton, designer of Blend Off from Thunderworks
“The best [at Gen Con] was definitely World’s Fair 1893. I was blown away. This is a unique blend of card drafting and area control/influence that had me engaged every step of the way! … I’ll be a day 1 Kickstarter backer.”

Agent Emme, BoardGameGeek reviewer (link)
“I was eager to try World’s Fair 1893 because I had visited a special exhibit on the topic at the Chicago Field Museum last year. … [It] lived up to my expectations. … I was excited about the choices, and I like area control games that aren’t super vicious.”

Brandon Nall, Brawling Brothers podcast (link)
“World’s Fair 1893 is an elegantly designed game of area control and set collection that is certain to delight the masses. This has quickly risen to be a favorite for me to introduce people to our hobby because of its simplistic rules and complex mastery. Brilliant. Elegant. Fluid. World’s Fair 1893 is a game that everyone should have in their collection.”

Chris Kirkman, State of Games podcast (31:27-33:05, 1:46:00)
“It’s easy to get into, and it has really good choices in it. … A super good game … It was an instant-back for me after I played it.”

Patrick Kelly, Blue Peg Pink Peg (34:08-40:45)
“I love this game. It has so much more depth than I expected, but it’s totally easy to get into.”

Brandon Kempf, What Did You Play This Week (link)
“I’ve previewed a handful of Kickstarter games, but there hasn’t been a single one that seemed to grab my game group as soon as we sat down and started playing. … World’s Fair 1893 broke that. … The game [pulls] you back in, making you want to play it back to back to back.”

Chris Leder, designer of Roll For It! from Calliope Games (link)
“World’s Fair is simply amazing. The gameplay is accessible and smooth, the theme is implemented in a perfect way, the art is gorgeous, and the wealth of strategy is immense. … This is a truly unique and enjoyable game.”

Anitra Smith, The Family Gamers (link)
“We loved this game. The artwork is beautiful, the cards are detailed, and the mechanics are relatively simple once we had played a few turns. … World’s Fair allows for plenty of competition, but also rewards second-place finishes, so it mostly avoids winner-take-all, cut-throat game play.”

Punching Cardboard, podcast episode (21:00-59:17)
“A lot of games could really learn something from [World’s Fair 1893 about] flow. … It goes around the circle and before you know it, the Ferris wheel has gone around, and you’re scoring your first round. … Fantastic. … We just kept wanting [this game] to come out. … It’s a really good game.”

Start Space Podcast, Episode 58 (24:45-26:45)
“Playing this game was a really, really good time. … What Ticket to Ride did for route building, what Carcassonne did for tile laying, I think World’s Fair 1893 is going to do that for area control games. … A really good, solid game.”

Maurice Fitzgerald, Club Fantasci (link)
“Combining several different mechanics into a solid, lightweight euro, Foxtrot Games and designer J. Alex Kevern have a sure fire winner in World’s Fair 1893. It will have broad appeal thanks to its unique theme, charming artwork and balanced gameplay.”

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