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In 2021, Renegade Game Studios published a new edition of this game. Learn more →

Game Design
J. Alex Kevern

Beth Sobel

Graphic Design
Adam P. McIver

Lead Development
Randy Hoyt

Rulebook Layout
Jason D. Kingsley

Rulebook Editing
Dustin Schwartz

We raised $45K+ on Kickstarter in October 2015 to manufacture World’s Fair 1893. (View the Kickstarter campaign: link.) We are grateful to all 1400+ backers for their support, especially…

Thomas Bleuzen, the Meltzer Cassel Family, Tanzy Caulkins, Kye-young Chung, Spencer DuChene, Lori Gentile and Joe Sislow, C. Giannoni, Kyle Hawkins, Halle Kevern, Jeff and Debbie Lustic, Elsa Andersson Monaghan, Charmaine Mortensen, Blake Muxo, Jayson Myers, Chris and Tiffany Peters (and Nate and Maria), Rae Peters, Sarah Roach, Jeff Safran, Bill and Danna Segel, P. Kellach Waddle, and Wes Walker.

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