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There are currently four expansions available for Relic Expedition. These can be purchased online as a single expansion pack in a bundle with the base game.


Players no longer have the same objective. Instead, they have individual missions to achieve: these are more difficult to obtain and are kept secret from other explorers.

  • 51 Mission Cards
  • 16 Jungle Tiles
  • 13 New Relics


Hidden in the jungle, explorers will find villages and markets. Villages contain relics for which players must trade supplies, making some relics more costly to obtain and giving players a reason to carry duplicate supplies. Markets contain supplies for which players must trade relics, giving players another way to obtain the supplies and giving players the opportunity to remove relics from the game.

  • 4 Village Tiles
  • 4 Market Tiles
  • 7 Supply Tokens


This new eight-sided animal die has a new symbol on it: a question mark. When the question mark is rolled, the roller selects which type of animals will move on the turn.

  • 1 Die (D8)


Relics have now been found in more dangerous parts of the jungle: in quicksand, in poison ivy, and on three new small features. These new tiles require a supply to be able to access them, making it more difficult to pick up the relics there. A new supply, a whip, allows players to swing over quicksand.

  • 8 Jungle Tiles
  • 4 Supply Tokens
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