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Relic Expedition is a jungle exploration game with a variable board, collectible treasures, hand management, and wild animals!

Relic Expedition cover

See what people are saying about Relic Expedition!

“The mix of simple mechanics, item management, and luck are all melded together in this enjoyably thematic game.” —The Cardboard Republic

“Relic Expedition makes for a fun experience that I’m happy to play again.” —Jonathan H. Liu, GeekDad

“Overall, I’m pleased with Relic Expedition. Every game gives the players a new jungle to explore.” —Cyrus Kirby, Father Geek

“Those who love Carcassonne, Settlers, Pandemic, and Survive are going to love Relic Expedition.” —Games With Two

“This is a lighter game with broad appeal. I think Relic Expedition will hit the table many times. This one is a buy for me.” —Michael Lee, Posted on Board Game Geek

Variable Board

The board starts small, with only a few of the tiles revealed. As players explore the jungle, new tiles are revealed and the board grows in unpredictable ways — a completely different game each time.


Set Collection

Hidden in the jungle, you’ll find relics with six different insignia made from six different materials. To win, you must collect four matching relics — either four with the same insignia or four of the same material — and fly away from the jungle to victory.


Hand (“Backpack”) Management

You’ll need more than just relics if you hope to travel the treacherous terrain and survive the dangers of the jungle. You’ll also need supplies like machetes, mountain climbing gear, traps, tranquilizer darts, and more.

Five Supplies: Tranquilizer Dart, Raft, Machete, Climbing Gear, First Aid Kit

You carry relics and supplies together in your backpack, but your backpack space is limited! As the game progresses, you’ll have to choose carefully. As you find more relics, you’ll have to make tough decisions about which supplies you have to leave behind.

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