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End Date: 48-Hour Email

I’m currently planning to end the campaign on a Thursday afternoon so the 48-hour reminder email goes out on a Tuesday afternoon. 

79 Days. If someone sees your campaign on Kickstarter and is interested in it, many times they won’t back it right away. Often, they will click the “Remind Me” link, which signs them up to receive an email from Kickstarter when there are 48 hours left in the campaign. This will often give a campaign a huge boost at the end. I’ve seen that with a campaign I’ve been following closely this month (Ophir). With Relic Expedition, we reached our goal on a Tuesday, the email reminder went out on Thursday, and the campaign ended on Saturday:

relic-expedition-kicktraqAs we approached the final week, I remember pouring a lot of my energy and effort into getting the campaign page looking just right for those potential backers who followed the link in the email. But there was one thing I no longer had control over, what date/time that email went out, because I had already set the date/time of the end of the campaign. When you set that end date/time, be sure to think about that moment exactly 48 hours before the end of the campaign. MailChimp has some good charts about when emails get opened, [see charts] and I recommend thinking about your end date/time along those lines. I’m currently planning to end the campaign for Lanterns on a Thursday (or possibly a Wednesday or a Friday) at 3:00 PM CT. If I launch on October 1, that would likely be October 23 or October 30.

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