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PnP Play-Testing Feedback

Feedback from PnP play-testers is starting to roll in. It is quite magical to hear feedback from these testers!

Countdown: 75 Days. Feedback on the latest round of changes is starting to roll in from PnP play-testers. It’s such a rush to hear positive feedback from players who have fun playing a game you have designed or developed. It’s really hard to put the excitement into words! The components (tiles, cards, etc.) are real enough; but the game itself (the rules/mechanics) is imaginary, existing first in the mind of the designer. It’s wonderful that I can send an email with a PDF to testers, they can then (with their printers) make the components real, and they can then (with their friends and family) bring the game to life. When that game in turn creates more fun, togetherness, and joy in the world — well, that’s nearly magical!

It is rewarding to hear from players what’s working in the game, what moments make them feel clever and when they feel most connected to the game. It’s helpful and challenging to hear what rules need clarifying and what mechanics stumble over. It’s interesting to hear ideas to improve the game, which gives some insight into what’s not be working. (You don’t want to make all these changes, but it gives you a good sense of how people experience the game.) Please keep it coming!

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