Spy Club

Game Design: Jason D. Kingsley, Randy Hoyt
Artwork: Bartłomiej Kordowski

Players: 2-4
Ages: 10+
Time: 30-45 Minutes

“We could start a Spy Club,” said Beatrice. “We could search for clues and find mysteries to solve.” That’s how their many adventures began.

Spy Club is a cooperative game with set collection, light storytelling, and double-sided cards that introduce a unique memory element.

It contains an innovative campaign format that lets you play a series of games connected to each other to tell a larger story:

  • Each game plays in 30-45 minutes, and each campaign consists of 5 games.
  • New rules and story elements are unlocked after each game.
  • No components are destroyed. Everything can be fully reset and replayed.
  • You only unlock a small portion of the total content in one campaign. You can play multiple campaigns while still unlocking new content.

Coming to Kickstarter Fall 2017

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