Relic Expedition: Common Questions

Q: If an animal attacks an explorer on one turn, can it on the next turn be moved off the space and back on it to attack the explorer again?

A: An animal on a space with an explorer cannot be moved. That animal is said to be “occupied” until all the explorers leave the space.

Q: When do the green panther-only traps come into play? They are set aside like bananas and vines, but nothing I found spawns them.

A: If you get attacked by a panther, you drop all your backpack items and remove your explorer from the board. You then get one of those green panther traps for your backpack. When you return to the jungle, you’ll often be able to return to the spot of the encounter, trap the panther with that trap, and reclaim your dropped items.

Q: If you swing over a quicksand tile that has an empty space adjacent to it, do you place a new jungle tile in that empty space?

A: Yes! You move to the quicksand tile, reveal any adjacent tiles, and then can move to any of the six tiles around you. (You can move back to where you started, move to a tile you had already seen, or move to a newly revealed tile.) There’s a good example of this in the game play video from Watch It Played (at 11:32):…

Q: What’s the purpose of the triangular curse markers?

A: On the feature boards, you can only take half of the relics initially placed there: for example, on a river space with two relics initially placed there, you can only take one of those two. A triangle is used to mark the other relic — the relic you don’t take — to indicate that you can never come back and get it. There’s a good example of this in the game play video from Watch It Played (at 9:32):…

Q: The expansions in the expansion pack have some components that are not described in the rules. Why?

A: Some of these extra components (the Mask relics and the extra first aid kit) are mentioned in the Variants section of this website. The rest of the extra components (the extra machete, the orange curse markers, and the extra helicopter clearing tile) we intended to be used in a 5-player game; we are play-testing the rules for that now and plan to release them early in 2014.