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Ryan Sanders from “The Inquisitive Meeple” asked, in an interview with co-founder Randy Hoyt, why we chose the name “Foxtrot Games.” Here’s how he answered:

A good name will flood you with a lot of associations all at once, and the name Foxtrot Games does that for me.

  1. Clever. Some of the best moments in gaming come when you make a move that makes you feel clever, and foxes are known to be clever and cunning. Think back to the fox in Aesop’s fables. (In college I did some research work in Greek and Latin with an Aesop scholar.)
  2. Immersion. I’m not personally much of a dancer, but playing games for me is what I imagine dancing must be like for dancers: it’s immersive and exhilarating, and I lose track of time when I’m gaming.
  3. Approachable. The Foxtrot in particular is a simple dance to learn. The basic step is graceful walking, but it has a lot of moves that give it a lot of flexibility and make it appropriate for nearly any situation. We want to make games like that. (This might be too geeky to add, but in that basic step, the dancers move like knights in chess: the leader takes two steps forward and one step to the left — another connection to gaming!)
  4. Long-Lasting. It’s over one hundred years old now, but people still dance the Foxtrot. I hope we make games that people still play fifty or one hundred years from now

To learn more about us, we’d encourage you to read the full interview with our co-founder Randy Hoyt.

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