We publish beautiful, engaging, and approachable games.

If you have designed a game that would be a good fit for Foxtrot Games, we’d love to take a look at it. Send us an email telling us about the game, ideally in the form of a sell sheet. (What is a sell sheet?)

We want games that people can play with their kids, that they’ll play with their significant other or their grown-up friends after they put their kids to bed, and that they’ll take to their gaming group as the first, lighter game of the evening.

  • Theme
    We want games that have uplifting, family-friendly, non-violent, and unique themes — especially those that somehow celebrate what’s good in the world. We want themes that non-gamers and casual gamers can embrace.
  • Ages: 8+, 10+
    We want games that people will play with their kids, but we don’t want kids games. (Think somewhat deeper family games, like Ticket to Ride or Carcassonne.)
  • Time: 15-30 minutes, 45-60 minutes
    We want both lighter “filler” games and meatier family games.
  • Players: 2, 2-4, 2-5+
    We want games that play well with 2 players and no dummy player. (Some mechanisms like voting really require more than two players, and we will consider those. But our preference is for games that support 2 players.) We of course want our games to scale to as many players as possible, but we would rather support 2-4 players really well than 4-10 players in a haphazard or inconsistent way.