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Kickstarter Video Script

Spy Club Countdown: 78 days. Here’s the first draft of the script for our introductory Kickstarter video.

I’ve had the chance to preview a number of Kickstarter campaigns before they go live, and it seems the video is always the last thing done — and it’s often too late for me to give any feedback or for the creators to make any changes. I’m sharing this script early so that we can feedback sooner rather than later.

“We could start a Spy Club,” Beatrice suggested. “You know — search for clues and try to find mysteries to solve!”

Spy Club is a new cooperative board game from publisher Foxtrot Games and designers Jason D Kingsley and Randy Hoyt. 

Acting as young detectives, players work together to solve neighborhood mysteries.

Each player has double-sided clue cards in front of them. On your turn, you use actions to flip, draw, and trade clue cards, gain ideas, and confirm clue cards to the center.

Confirm 5 clue cards of the same aspect to solve that aspect: in this game, for example, the crime is Theft. As you solve more and more of the 5 aspects, a story starts to emerge: your Neighbor stole something from the ice cream shop, but what? And for what motive? Solve all 5 aspects before the suspect escapes or you run out of ideas, and you’ll crack the case.

You can play a single, standalone game of Spy Club, or you can play a series of 5 games connected together to form a larger story. Spy Club includes a campaign deck with 150 cards and 40 new modules. After each game, you unlock a module with new rules and story elements. You’ll unlock 4 modules in each campaign, so you can continue to play multiple campaigns — with different stories emerging each time. 

Spy Club will be the sixth game from Foxtrot Games, but we need your help to crack the case. Check out the campaign page, back to get the game at a great value, and help us make Spy Club a reality.

The current plan is to have this 90-second introductory video for the top of the page, a 5-10 minute game play video displayed in the main content area, and probably also a 2-4 minute video on how the campaign format works. (This general approached worked well for Lanterns and World’s Fair 1893.) We’d love to hear any feedback. Does this get you excited about the game? Make you want to learn more? Confuse you? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. I want to know about the unlocking 40 modules and campaign nature of it much earlier, towards the beginning of the video. It’s a big selling point.

  2. there was a bar in the town I lived in Iowa, it was called the spy bar. this reminds me of driving past that place every day.

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