Spy Club: Reviews & Press

Nick Martinelli, Gen Con demo (full campaign)

“I’ve never played a game quite like this before. It has such a thematic vibe, and it’s easy to get wrapped up in the evolving story. I absolutely loved how the decisions our club made by committing clues affected the plot twists we unlocked next. It really felt like our group was writing the pages of our own epic choose your own adventure mystery book. I cannot wait to start another campaign!”

Amanda Scaggs, Board Games With Pandas (50:00-55:55)

“Spy Club is accessible in its theme and its initial game play, but the whole campaign aspects adds some additional heavier game play that will keep even people who don’t have children into it. It was a lot of fun!”

Andrew Parks, game designer (Core Worlds, Star Trek: Attack Wing)

“I played the [base game] prototype at Origins 2017. Wonderful first experience.”

Cherie Kendl, playtester

“The campaign was quite fantastic. We definitely got sucked into the story and what’s going to happen next.”

Carla Kopp, game designer (Stellar Leap)

“What a game! It escalates well, and the campaign part is great – each game was different. This is one I’m definitely backing when it launches!”